June 2014

​Vicki G.

I was a really skeptical client starting out, as Jennifer was the second sleep consultant I had hired for my son. But I was desperate for some sleep for both my son and us! Having gone down this road before, I can attest that Jennifer is truly amazing and wrote the book on helping children sleep. She listened to the problems we were having with him, frequent night waking, still nursing at night at 6mo, lots of spit up and no self soothing skills. Jennifer gave us specific instructions, and they worked like a charm. Not to say it was easy and didn't require work on our end, but she was on target with everything he needed. (And this was a 2 week consult, not a home visit). She even predicted his first tooth coming in, after 4 days of checking at her instance, his first one finally came in. Thankfully because of Jennifer we were prepared and ready for all the teething woes. If you are struggling at all, please don't wait any longer. Sleep depravation is a real danger to your health as a parent. In working with Jennifer we were able to improve our sons sleep and ours. We are eternally grateful for Jennifer accepting us and all of the help and support she provided.

June 2014

​Meghan B.

What a game changer! Our lives are completely different after two short days of education from Jennifer and the implementation of a magical schedule. It has been especially entertaining to learn that my son, the 30-minute napper, actually gets upset when woken after his twelve-hour night. Like mother, like son!

We are in Day 3 of our new lives and loving it. Will check in with updates on our progress. Thank God for Newborn Boot Camp being able to whip us into shape!

May 2014

Colby H.

Jennifer is incredibly knowledgable, capable, and kind.  She took care of our newborn overnight for the first eight weeks of his life.  She clearly really cared about him, which was the most important thing to us - he always looked so comfortable and happy in her arms.  She could quiet his cries immediately, coax burps from him when I never could, keep him happy while swaddling him securely (he always cried and struggled when I tried!), and maybe most miraculously - teach him to soothe himself to sleep without a pacifier.  He has been a much better sleeper than our first baby (who had such a hard tim soothing himself to sleep, and slept only rarely during the day / fitfully at night, and it is all thanks to Jennifer.

February 2014

Claudia L.

Jennifer worked with us when after 2 months in the NICU, our very premature twin babies came home.  The twins had a series of health problems we had to deal with and Jennifer was wonderful!  She remains a family friend now and we are in regular contact.  She was gentle, caring and very knowledgable while taking care of our twins.  Very punctual, courteous and was there right away when we were in desperate need for someone to help us first time parents, with assistance, good advice and remedies to accommodate the twins that suffered from severe acid reflux, feeding and sleep issues.  We highly recommend Jennifer.

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