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Training you and your baby will never forget!

 After more than a decade working as a Career Nanny, she stumbled onto her true passion, Newborn Care and Sleep Training.

When her first son was just 20 months old she gave birth to premature Triplet boys.  She had nothing to go on but advice from others and unfortunately, none of it worked well for her family.  When her little ones were just 7 months old she began caring for her girlfriends 2 month old Twins.  Yes, that's right....5 babies!  It was out of desperation for her own sanity that she began to analyze her own situation very closely and how her tactics for sleep training / scheduling began to develop.

At that time she was Vice President of her Mother's of Multiples organization and people began to "talk" about her talent with sleep training / scheduling babies.  It was through that group that she obtained her first "real" client.  She was so thankful for the opportunity to give her "data" a real test.

In 2003, Jennifer provided overnight support for premature Triplets for 8 weeks.  Everything worked like a charm and she was able to obtain new "data" as well.  From that point on she was booked solid.  In fact, the first year she didn't have one single day off.

Jennifer became a Certified Newborn Care Specialist (CNCS) specializing in sleep training in 2008.

Jennifer truly loves what she does and gets a real joy from watching her techniques work with so many different babies.  She has worked with singletons through triplets and has experience with various medical issues / special needs.  No two babies are alike and she recognizes that.  She tailors her techniques and plan specific to each client.

Jennifer had baby boy #5 in 2011 and can honestly say even he gave her a tough time.  She had to re-evaluate things several times due to his pre-maturity and severe reflux.

Babies don't come with "manuals" and unfortunately what worked for your best friend or your mother, may not work for you.  That is where Jennifer comes in.  She has spent over 15 years and countless hours devising sleep tactics and scheduling configurations for even the most stubborn of babies.  

Jennifer would love to work with you and your family.  Inquire about support options available to suit your needs.


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